Rider Information

CC Rider is closed on the following holidays. Service resumes the following day unless otherwise noted:

-New Years Day -Memorial Day -Independence Day -Labor Day -Thanksgiving Day -Christmas Day (see main page for alternative schedules)

The following Carry-On Items are allowed on Columbia County Rider Vehicles:

 -Columbia County Rider drivers may refuse to allow articles on board that could create a nuisance or cause harm. -Drinks and food must be in spill proof containers. Food may not be consumed while in transit. -Other large objects may be allowed at the discretion of the operator. -Aisles and doorways must be kept clear at all times. -Children must be removed from strollers while aboard the bus. -Strollers must be folded and kept out of the bus aisle and in the control of the owner.

These items and actions are not allowed on Columbia County Rider Vehicles:

-Flammable, explosive, or hazardous materials. -Illegal weapons. -Disturbing drivers or riders with loud, harmful, or harassing behavior. -Spitting. -Defacing or damaging property. -Refusing to pay proper fare. -Boarding without wearing a shirt or shoes. -Using tobacco. -Putting feet on seats. -Littering on any Columbia County Rider bus or property -Playing sound equipment without earphones. -Sleeping, laying down or occupying more than one seat. -Any violation of federal, state, or municipal law.

Animals on Columbia County Rider:

Trained service animals for the disabled may ride at no charge. A service animal must be leashed and under its owner’s control but does not have to be muzzled. All other pets and non-service animals must be transported in approved animal containers. Please Note: Columbia County Rider can not be held responsible for lost or stolen property left on the buses or at bus stops. Please secure and safeguard your personal property when using the service.

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