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New Service helps PCC Rock Creek Students and Faculty

Columbia County Rider has partnered with Portland Community College to provide shuttles between Rock Creek and Willow Creek campuses. Riders who have PCC identification may ride on CCRider buses between these campuses for free. The bus shuttles utilize our buses that are already going between the campuses, and allow additional options to those folks that need to travel between them. We look forward to helping PCC move their students and staff!


Chinook Plaza / Grocery Outlet Park& Ride to close.

Beginning November 1st, 2010, Columbia County Rider Fixed Route buses (serving Portland and Washington County) will no longer stop at Chinook Plaza in Scappoose. The nearest stop to this existing Park & Ride is 1st and Columbia across from the Scappoose City Hall. We encourage people to park at 1st & Columbia in two rows, one row nosed into the fence and one row pointing toward the street. This will leave room between the rows of cars for people to back out. We would also like to encourage those who can to carpool to the park and ride lot to relieve pressure there, at least until the time we can secure additional parking. Thank you for your patience during this route change.

FlexRoute buses will continue to utilize the Chinook Plaza stop.


Westport to Longview/Kelso Fixed Route changes are on the way!

Columbia County Rider is initiating a route change on their Westport to Longview/Kelso Fixed Route. Responding to public requests, we will be revamping the entire route and schedule to better connect with our North County FlexRoute buses and Amtrak, as well as offer more frequent service between Rainier and Longview/Kelso. This bus will continue to make the same connections in Westport with Sunset Empire Transportation District offering through service to Astoria. We will inform you as soon as is possible of the new times and stops.



Due to the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade, our bus stop in Downtown Portland will be moved to S.W. 10th and Jefferson in the S.E. corner of the Safeway parking lot. This stop change is in effect for Saturday June 12th, 2010 only. Thank you in advance for your patience.

CCRider offers exciting new " Summer Fun" Student Bus Pass

This exciting new program allows students to purchase a bus pass that will allow unlimited travel on all of Columbia County Rider's Fixed and FlexRoutes throughout the summer. The passes cost $30.00 and are good from June 15th 2010 to Sept 7th, 2010. Students must be 6 - 19 years old and show student ID when purchasing or using the bus pass. Students under age 9 must be accompanied by an adult. This program will allow students to have access to many recreational and entertainment opportunities around the county throught the summer. Call our dispatch office at 503-366-0159 for further information.

Columbia County Rider adds service hours and days to Westport to Longview-Kelso Fixed Route

Beginning today, CCRider is adding service hours to our Westport to Longview-Kelso fixed route. This route has been operating Monday, Wednesday and Friday only for the past two years with a growing ridership. Thanks to additional grant funding from ODOT Public Transit, we are extending the days of operation to 5 days per week, Monday through Friday. The hours of operation will remain the same for the time being. Look for new brochures in the near future. Please let us know how this service improvement works for you.


Columbia County Rider announces launch of  Nehalem Valley Fixed Route Service!

Beginning July 1st, CCRider will begin operating a fixed route bus service from Vernonia to Beaverton/Hillsboro. This bus will depart the Vernonia City Hall and offer service to Tri-Met's Willow Creek Transit Station. This bus offers direct connection to Tri-Met, MAX and CCRider's bus to PCC's Rock Creek campus. Initially, this bus will operate twice per day, Monday through Friday.  We are excited to offer this service to the Students, commuters and the general public. The schedule is as follows:

Times listed are departure times

Vernonia City Hall                            6:15am               and                        4:30pm

Stub Stewart State Park                   6:30am               and                       4:45pm

Staley's Junction                              6:35am               and                        4:50pm

Tri-Met's Willow Creek Sta.           7:00am               and                        5:30pm

Stub Stewart State Park                  7:30am                and                        6:00pm

Vernonia City Hall (arrival)            7:45am                and                        6:15pm

Columbia County Rider begins new West County FlexRoute Service!

Also beginning July 1st, 2009, CCRider wil be offering FlexRoute Service from Vernonia to St.Helens via Scappoose. This service will operate Tuesdays and Thursdays with three round trips available each of those days. This bus route will stop at all of the most popular destinations, and has additioal time built into the schedule to allow for route deviations for those passengers with special needs. The West County FlexRoute schedule is as follows:

Times listed are departure times.

Vernonia City Hall & Senior Center          8:30am               11:00am                       2:00pm

Chinook  Plaza Scappoose                        9:15am                 11:45am                      2:45pm

OHSU/Fred Meyer                                     9:25am                  11:55am                     2:55pm

Wal-Mart / CCMH Creekside                   9:45am                  12:15pm                    3:15pm

Columbia County Courthouse                 9:50am                   12:20pm                    3:20pm

Old Town Parking                                      9:55am                   12:25pm                    3:25pm

11th & Columbia Blvd / SHCFCU           10:00am                 12:30pm                    3:30pm

Columbia Commons/ DHS                       10:05am                  12:35pm                    3:35pm

Ace Hardware / Walgreens                     10:07am                  12:37pm                    3:37pm

Rite Aid / Safeway                                    10:10am                  12:40pm                    3:40pm


Precautionary measures to avert spread of germs now in place on Columbia County Rider buses.

Due to the recent concerns regarding the potential for a Swine Flu outbreak, Columbia County Transit Division has decided to take some pro-active steps in decreasing the possibility of spreading germs through public transit passengers. Beginning today, we will have hand sanitizer available to all passengers who board the buses. You will notice signs describing precautionary measures you can take as well as handouts you may take home with you. Supplies of sanitizing products are already running low throughout the country, and we will do our best to make these products available to you until this threat is over. More information is available on the Columbia County Public Health website,, or at, or a phone hotline at 1-800-978-3040.


Columbia County Rider - Cancellation of Toll Free Phone Number, effective May 1, 2009

In an effort to trim costs, Columbia County Rider will be discontinuing our toll free phone number. The number will has been removed from our printed materials and will be replaced on our buses and bus schedules by our main dispatch number, 503-366-0159. As always, we will continue to offer local numbers in each community that is long distance to our dispatch center. The phone numbers are as follows:

St. Helens, Columbia City, Scappoose, Deer Island, Rainier areas:       503-366-0159

Vernonia Area:                                                                                               503-429-4304

Clatskanie, Mist-Birkenfeld, Westport area:                                             503-728-2026

All other areas:                                                                                              503-366-0159

Thank You very much for your understanding of the need for this money saving effort


Columbia CountyCommunity Transit Planning Process-Final Meeting

Columbia County Transit Division will hold our 7th and final meeting to update the public on the County Wide Transit Planning Process. This meeting will be held Thursday, April 9th 2009 at the Columbia Center Auditorium 375 So. 18th st. in St. Helens from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Please plan to attend this informative session to learn about the future of Public Transit in Columbia County. Surveys will be available for your input as well. We look forward to your input.


Columbia County Community Wide Transit Planning Process - Update Meetings

Columbia County Transit Division will be holding several public meetings to update our Community Wide Transit planning process. The meetings will be held throughout the month of March at various places in the county. Please plan to attend one of these sessions if you would like more information. The meetings will be held at the following locations and times:

Thursday, March 5, 2009 at Hump's Resturant, 50 E. Columbia River Hwy in Clatskanie. Time is 12:00 noon and is co-sponsored by the Clatskanie Chamber of Commerce.

Monday, March 18th, 2009 at the Vernonia Senior Center, 446 Bridge St. in Vernonia. Time is 11:30 am and is co-sponsored by the Vernonia Senior Center.

Monday, March 30, 2009 at the St. Helens Senior Center, 375 S. 15th St. in St. Helens. Time is 12:00 noon and is co-sponsored by the St. Helens Senior Center.


Columbia County Rider to Launch North FlexRoute Service

Beginning Monday February 2nd, Columbia County Rider will begin a new North FlexRoute. This service will operate on a 90 minute loop. This intercity circulator will offer service to the cities of Rainier, Prescott, Deer Island, Columbia City, and St. Helens, and rural areas in between. This route will connect with our South FlexRoute at the Columbia Commons stop in St. Helens. Transfers from one FlexRoute to the other will be free. Cost for this service is $1.50 per boarding. FlexRoute riders can also connect with our Fixed Route services for an additional fee, offering service to Portland, Hillsboro/Beaverton via PCC Rock Creek, Longview / Kelso and Clatskanie and Westport, with connections available to Astoria. Brochures and Website updates will be available soon.

North FlexRoute Schedule

Rainier Transit Center     8:30am     10:00am     11:30am     1:00pm     2:30pm     4:00pm

Rainier Senior Center      8:35am     10:05am     11:35am     1:05pm     2:35pm      4:05pm

Lindberg Store                 8:41am  Bus stops Southbound 1st trip only across Hwy 30 from store

Prescott (Flag Stop only)

Trojan Park (Flag Stop only)

Goble Tavern (SB only) 8:51am     10:21am     11:51am     1:21pm      2:51pm      4:21pm

Deer Island Store           9:01am     10:31am     12:01pm     1:31pm     3:01pm      4:31pm

Col. City Mini Mart       9:06am     10:36am     12:06pm     1:36pm      3:06pm     4:36pm

Columbia City Hall        9:08am     10:38am     12:08pm      1:38pm     3:08pm     4:38pm

Columbia Commons     9:10am     10:40am     12:10pm      1:40pm     3:10pm     4:40pm

Columbia City Hall       9:15am     10:45am     12:15pm      1:45pm     3:15pm     4:45pm

Col. City Mini Mart     9:18am      10:48am     12:18pm      1:48pm     3:18pm     4:48pm

Deer Island Store        9:25am      10:55am     12:25pm      1:55pm      3:25pm      4:55pm

Goble Marina (NB)     9:35am      11:05am      12:35pm      2:05pm     3:35pm      5:05pm

Trojan Park (Flag Stop Only)

Prescott (Flag Stop Only)

Lindberg Store           9:43am      11:13am     12:43pm      2:13pm      3:43pm      5:13pm

Rainier Transit Center                                                                                             5:24pm

Remember that FlexRoutes can offer limited trip deviations for elderly or disabled passengers. Call dispatch to make arrangements for this service. Also remember, buses can run up to 5 minutes ahead of or behind schedule. Be to the bus stop at least 5 minutes early.


Service Largely Back to Normal!

Beginning this am, all fixed route and FlexRoute buses will be departing on schedule. There is still the possibility of service delays due to piled up snow and slow travel on the side streets, however, we anticipate business as usual for the most part. Dial-a-Ride passengers should call to confirm their appointments, however. We appreciate your patience during this significant weather event. Thank you.


Road Conditions remain hazardous. Schedules will be operated the same as Dec. 24th. We will add back service as it is safe to do so. Remember, buses are chained. Prepare for delays. Thank You


Service Reductions still in effect

Portland Fixed Route Buses will operate on the following reduced schedule: Departures from St. Helens at 8:30 am, 12:30pm and 4:00pm. Departures from Portland at 10:00am, 2:00pm and 5:30pm.

Riders to Washington County will need to ride the Portland Bus and transfer to MAX.

We will be attempting to operate the Westport to Longview/Kelso Fixed Route Bus. Road conditions will dictate the schedule. Please call 503-366-0159 for departure and temporary route information.

FlexRoute Service will start at 10:30 am.

Dial-a-Ride Service is limited to Life Sustaining trips only. Please call to confirm appointments.

We are evaluating conditions on a continual basis and are adding back service as it becomes safe to do so. Thank you for your patience.


Updated Service Report for Dec. 23

Buses to Washington County are cancelled. Washington County bound Riders may take a Portland Route bus and transfer to MAX.

Remaining Portland Route buses will operate at the following times today: Departing St. Helens at 12:30 and 4:00 pm, and Departing Portland at 2:00 pm and 5:30 pm.

FlexRoute Buses will begin operation at 12:00 today. Remaining info from previous report is still in effect.

Thank you


Weather Alert for Tuesday, Dec. 23rd - Posted Dec. 22 4:00 pm

Poor road conditions  mandate the alteration of services as follows:

Early am buses to Portland will be cancelled. The 8:30 am Fixed Route to Portland will depart on schedule. Followed by additional runs on an alternate schedule. Times will be posted tomorrow.

The Fixed Route bus to Washington County via PCC Rock Creek and Tri-Met's Willow Creek Transit Center will not operate. Riders needing transportation to and from Washington County should ride our Portland Fixed Route and transfer to Tri-Met or MAX.

Dial-a-Ride will operate in limited service for life sustaining needs. All Dial-a-Ride passengers need to call to confirm appointments.

FlexRoute buses are not scheduled to run.

We will be evaluating road conditions continually and will add service back as soon as it is safe to do so. We apologize for the inconvience, and thank you for riding with us.

Weather Alert -ROUTE CHANGES

Due to the hazardous conditions this morning, the early fixed route buses to Portland and Washinton County have been cancelled. We will attempt an 8:30 am trip to Portland only, but that may also be cancelled. The Westport to Longview/Kelso fixed route service is cancelled until road conditions improve. Dial-a-Ride will operate for life sustaining trips only. Dial-a-Ride passengers must confirm their appointments by phone.


Weather Alert

Columbia County Rider will make every attempt at operating all services tomorrow. Road conditions and Park & Ride lot conditions are being monitored continuously, as are the weather forcasts. Watch this news feed for updates in the am. Current conditions indicate potential route delays, if we are able to operate.